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This is our team of invaluable writers and creators who are putting in the hard work to make Midline as diverse and as open as possible. We’re always looking to grow our team bigger in all fields, if you have any ideas whether it be a review, a host of a podcast, a film or any idea of expression, head over to the CONTACT page and find out more info.


Chris Coltrane

What do I consider myself? Music man, hopeful filmmaker, chicken finger critic, owner of Midline. Let’s go with those for now and see where it takes me. I’m the guy who does as much as I can. I write, direct, edit, produce, host, and twist whatever gears are needed to grow the brand.

Midline is a music and movie site that’s meant to be a gateway for people to get into both mediums, to try something new they’ve never heard of. I’m not here to share my accomplishments (such as sitting through the entire length of the 2018 Netflix original film Father of the Year) I’m here just to boldly share what I love.

Favorite Film: Her (2013)

Favorite Album: D’Angelo - Voodoo (2000)

Ethan Gordon

If anyone was asking, hi, I’m Ethan Gordon. I'm a writer, filmmaker, and musician and I'm 16. I’m currently in high school, but I started a YouTube channel, The LP Club, at the age of 12. The channel grew in popularity over a short period of time, and soon there was a successful album reviewing channel. In 2018, I made the jump to writing online about music and film, because YouTube videos were generally laborious with slowly receding reason for doing them.

Favorite Film: The Shining (1980)

Favorite Album: Paul Simon - Graceland (1986)



Kern Wheeling

After graduating film school and being quickly disillusioned by the film industry, I sold out to the man and became a 9-5 office slave, but never lost my passion for writing and talking about film. While film is my first love, trashy reality TV is my mistress. After binging a few 3-hour Palme D’Or winners, I usually cleanse my palate by rewatching season 3 of Jersey Shore. When I’m not watching obscure, depressing European dramas, I’m usually spinning records, going to shows, being insufferably snarky on Twitter, or getting yelled at by my adorable cat. My taste is questionable, but I’m as genuine as they come.

Favorite Film: 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days (2007)

Favorite Album: My Bloody Valentine - Isn’t Anything (1988)


Music lover, vinyl collector, an attendee of many concerts and festivals and sometimes over opinionated. In love with the 90s and early noughties. I just wanna go back. Back to 1999. Or to a Janet Jackson concert I wasn’t old enough to attend.

Favorite Film: Mask (1985)

Favorite Album: Lily Allen - Alright, Still (2006)



Tobias French

Who am I? 30 odd years, a half-finished novel, and a lot of irresponsible nights spent searching, and I’m not certain I’m any closer to the answer myself. 

I’m a lover of the arts in all forms. Since my teens I have regularly caught up with like-minded friends to argue about literature or theatre or film or poetry or painting or all of those things at once.

Music was my first mistress, and I used to do reviews and interviews for a local music rag for fun and ego repletion. That I met one of my oldest friends at a rave when I overheard the group next to us and realised he, like me at that exact time, was having a conversation about Goethe’s Faust, is perhaps all you need to know about the extent of my pretensions.

I’ll finish that novel soon, I swear.

Favourite Film: Persona (1966)

Favourite Album: Radiohead - Kid A (2000) or Boards of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children (1998)

Chris Barnes

Achieving little of note during my tenure on this planet thus far has not stopped me from trying. You may not have seen me in various pubs and clubs in my hometown, Adelaide, spinning tunes under my alias DJ Keyser. You probably haven’t heard any of the electronic music I have made. You certainly haven’t read the script I am yet to start writing. You may possibly have stumbled across a dodgy meme of mine that looks like it was created in MS Paint. That’s because it was. As you were.

Favourite Film: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Favorite Album: unkle - psyence fiction (1998)



Jennings Collins

I'm Jennings, but friends call me Jen. I'm a college student who's still optimistic about my potential for a film career. I'm an apprentice-tier cinephile, avid superhero fan, and addicted to writing reviews for Letterboxd. I've been in love with movies ever since The Avengers blew my mind as a kid. Ever since then, I've grown my interest into a passion, an obsession, and hopefully a career. I started with a YouTube channel that ultimately failed, and I'm writing to make up for that. Now I'm writing movies, writing about them, and looking to make my own.

Favorite Film: The Mist (2007)

Album: The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships (2018)

Andrew Freeman

Aspiring actor, writer, ironically terrible comedy musician, and lover of film. I’ve spent the better part of my life now dedicating my time to developing a love of all things filmmaking, both in front of the camera and behind it, as well as going undercover and diving into the weirder subcultures that come out of cult classics. I spend most of my time starting a script, and then never revisiting it after writing six pages, but that’s not gonna stop me from trying again with the next one.

Favorite Film: Hell or High Water (2016)

Favorite Album: Death Cab for Cutie - Plans (2005)




Oh hey, didn't see you there! I've been sitting here for an hour, scrolling and trying to decide which film to watch next. Anyway, my name is Lee, but most of my friends call me Lee. So until we establish what we are, just call me Lee. I'm a very recent university graduate, which means I've exhausted much of my income and years of my life to recieve a paper known as a B.A. degree. In what you ask? My degree is in History and Film Studies. Both fields are held near and dear to my heart, but even closer to my mind. My time in university allowed me a scholarship which gave me the opportunity to attend a variety of film festivals, the most prominent being, Venice and Berlin.

There is no current goal or career lined up in my field, but I am not yet fully disillusioned enough to give up my dream of joining the film industry. But for now I'd be comfortable just making ends meet with enough spare money to spend on Criterion bluray sales, Mondo Posters & Vinyl, and the occasional pair of trainers. Make no mistake, my passion and devotion to film is my religion, and when I'm not writing about it, you'll probably find me talking about Jake Gyllenhaal on Twitter. If I am not on Film Twitter or Letterboxd is shut down again, I'll probably be watching Barcelona and Arsenal, streaming HBO, spending time with the family, playing the occasional videogame, down at the pub, or reading some comics. So, now that you know me a little more, have you finally decided what we're watching next?

Favorite Film: Prisoners (2013)

Favorite Album: L.A. Woman/The Doors - The Doors (1971/1967)

Rachel Meadors

Hey what’s up I’m Rachel, at least that’s how I introduce myself on YouTube. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon me elsewhere on the internet, maybe you haven’t. I’m a dabbler, I dabble. Actor, struggling vlogger, brownie connoisseur, cat lover. I’ve done it all. I’m a college student that was one of those “smart kids” in high school using escapism to get by. Avid lover of the arts that sucks at all of them except pretending to be someone else. I’ve got a lot of opinions, so be ready to hear them. I dare you to press shuffle on my music. You’ll get whiplash. Also, do you know how hard it was to pick a favorite album?

Favorite Film: The Princess Bride (1987)

Favorite Album: Moon Taxi - Let the Record Play (2018)



David Cuevas

You may know me as that guy who has the words “Tick Tock Animate” as their username on social media. Let’s not talk about that. Instead, let’s deal with the hard earned facts. My name is David Cuevas, and I’m currently a teen journalist and film reviewer, whose aspiring to continue on this marvelous journey of writing into post secondary. I live in Canada, out of all non-existent places, where I live a happy non-problematic life, while having a general sense of unease with Canada’s main neighbor, awaiting to see what the upcoming Orange man has in store. It’s going to be a rough year folks!

Favorite film: Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Favorite Album: Illinois - Sufjan Stevens (2005)