15 Artists That Have Yet To Take Home A Grammy

15 Artists That Have Yet To Take Home A Grammy

The 2019 Grammy Awards are tonight, with many exciting performances from Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa, Jennifer Lopez, Janelle Monáe, Dolly Parton and many more. This year, the nominations were a little different. Instead of five nominations in every category, some now have more than that. Making it somewhat harder to win but easier to get nominated. 

Here are 15 huge artists who Have yet to take home the Grammy trophy

Katy Perry

Total nominations: 13 (including song, record & album of the year)

Katy Perry is one of the biggest stars in pop music of the century. Her single I Kissed A Girl catapulted her worldwide and made her a household name. In total, she has been nominated for 13 Grammy Awards since her debut album including Album of the Year for her second studio album Teenage Dream which contained five US number one singles. Her fourth album Witness garnered lukewarm reception and didn't gain her any recognition at the awards but, there's always hope with her fifth album.


Total nominations: 13

Nas is one of hip-hop's finest. As one of the most influential rappers in the game you would think by now he would have taken home the Grammy trophy but nope. He's still out here without an award from them on his mantlepiece. He has been nominated for Rap Album of the year four times. The last time being in 2013 for Life Is Good

Snoop Dogg

Total nominations: 17 (including two album of the year noms)

Snoop Dogg holds the record behind Morten Lindberg of most Grammy nominations without a win, with seventeen. His last nomination was in 2016's for being a part of Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly album which got an Album of the Year nomination. His first ever nomination was in 1994 for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for his collaboration with Dr. Dre with Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang

Jennifer Lopez

Total nominations: 2

Jennifer Lopez, also known as just JLo kinda does it all. Acting, singing, branding, producing - the lot! In her time, she's only been nominated for two Grammys, the first being in 2000 and the second the following year which is quite surprising given how much commercial success she has had exploring many musical genres. Her only nominations have only been for the Best Dance Recording so far for singles from her debut album On The 6


Total nominations: 15

Björk is one of Scandinavia's most recognizable faces. Her unique sound and next level music videos have influenced a generation of artists that have come after her. With a total of fifteen nominations, Björk is yet to win a Grammy. Her first nomination was in 1994 for Best Music Video, Short Form for Human Behaviour. She is nominated for Best Alternative Music Album for her latest studio album Utopia at this year's ceremony. She has been nominated in this category a total of eight times. This year she may come off this list.

Depeche Mode

Total nominations: 5

British band Depeche Mode has been enjoying success since the early 80s. Still, to this day they embark on a worldwide arena and stadium tours which means never winning a Grammy isn't the end of the world to them. Their first nomination was in 1995 Best Long Form Music Video for Devotional and their last was in 2010 for Best Alternative Music Album and Best Short Form Music Video for their Sound Of The Universe studio album and Wrong music video.

Ariana Grande

Total nominations: 6

Ariana Grande is pop royalty at the moment but that doesn't mean she's winning every award under the sun. In 2015, Grande was nominated for her first Grammy Awards. Bang Bang was up for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and her second studio album My Everything was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album. She got nominated for a further two Grammys during her third era but still didn't take anything home. This year she's up for Best Pop Solo Performance for her hit song God Is A Woman and Best Pop Vocal Album for her fourth studio album Sweetener. Is this year going to be Ariana's lucky year?


Grande took her first Grammy for best Pop Vocal Album at the 2019 Grammy’s for her fourth record Sweetener.

Guns N' Roses

Total nominations: 3

Rock legends Guns N' Roses are so well established and influential that you would just assume by default that they would own a Grammy by now! Nope. You're wrong. With only three nominations in their time, they haven't taken one home. 1990 was the first year they received some recognition at the ceremony and it was for their second studio album G N' R Lies where they got nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance. They got nominated for this category two more times after this with the last time being in 1993 for Live and Let Die, their cover of the Wings song.

Nicki Minaj

Total nominations: 10 (including album of the year)

Nicki Minaj is one of the biggest female rappers of all time. Countless amount of features and hits of her own, she's really made a mark on the hip-hop and mainstream charts. Nicki was the first female rapper to have a solo performance on the Grammy Awards show, performing her song Roman Holiday taken from her second studio album at the 2012 ceremony. In total, she has been nominated for 10 Grammys. The last was in 2016 where she was nominated three times including for Best Rap Album for The Pinkprint


Total nominations: 6

2Pac is one of the most famous faces in rap music. With six nominations under his belt, he never won a Grammy award during his time. His first nomination was in 1996 where Dear Mama was recognized for Best Rap Solo Performance and All Eyez On Me was up for Best Rap Album. His last nomination was in 2000 after his death for Changes.

The Notorious B.I.G.

Total nominations: 4

Notorious B.I.G. also was known as Biggie Smalls is another legendary rap act that hasn't taken home the Grammy trophy. With a total of four nominations and being nominated three times in 1998, sadly Biggie did not have any luck in the years he made music. Luckily, his music still lives on and continues to inspire others.

Miley Cyrus

Total nominations: 1

Given how young she is, Miley Cyrus has actually been around for quite a long time. Since playing the role of Hannah Montana, Miley went on to conquer a solo career outside of her Disney character. With six studio albums released and a seventh on its way, Cyrus has made quite a mark on pop music. However, she has only ever been nominated at the Grammys once in 2015 and didn't win the award. Her worldwide number one album Bangerz was up for Best Pop Vocal Album. 

Florence + The Machine

Total nominations: 6

British act Florence + The Machine has really managed to succeed with their music across the pond. With six nominations in total, Florence Welch's band are an example of a modern-day British act that is consistently successful around the world. Their first nomination was in 2011 for Best New Artist. Their last nominations were in 2016 where they were up for three as a band including Best Pop Vocal Album. The song What Kind Of Man was up for Best Rock Song that same year but the award is only presented to the songwriters which Florence Welch was a part of, not the other members of the band, therefore, she essentially has been nominated 7 times. 

Lana Del Rey

Total nominations: 4 (including album of the year)

Lana Del Rey burst onto the music scene at the beginning of this decade and definitely didn't go unnoticed. The Grammys for sure haven't ignored her music but they haven't given her first place yet. Her first nominations were in 2014 for Best Pop Vocal Album for Paradise and Best Song Written for Visual Media for Young and Beautiful. Her last nomination was in 2018 for her latest studio album Lust For Life which was also up for Best Pop Vocal Album. In 2016, she was also counted as a nominee for Album Of The Year because she wrote and featured on The Weeknd's Beauty Behind The Madness album.

Avril Lavigne

Total nominations: 8 (including song of the year)

Canada's own Avril Lavigne became one of the most successful acts of the 2000s. Her debut album was so huge and impactful, she earned herself eight nominations that era. Five in 2003 and three in 2004. Complicated was nominated for Song Of The Year, her album was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album and I'm With You got a Song Of The Year nomination. Lavigne, however, didn't win any of her eight nominations and never got nominated for another Grammy since her first album. 

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