Photo by Beata Cervin

Photo by Beata Cervin

LOVA talks the next step

Interview by Fabio

Midline - For those just discovering you - how would you describe your music in 3 words?

LOVA - Honest, Playful and Sassy.

 Midline - Who have your main influences been?

LOVA - I literally take inspiration from so many. From Destiny's Child, to The Beatles, to Billie Eilish to Julia Michaels to Pharrell and Lauryn Hill and so many more. Whoever dares to be authentic and different and wants to push the music industry forward, I LOVE.

Midline - You released your debut EP Scripted Reality last year through Universal Records. What song are you most proud of on it?

LOVA - I’m proud of every song on the EP but the song I’m most proud of is Insecurities cause it has helped so many people including me.  

Midline - You Me And The Silence has gone on to have over 2.8 million streams. Tell us the inspiration behind that song and how it came about?

LOVA - The song came about really naturally. Me and the producer Jonas came up the bass during the first minutes and everything just went smoothly after that. I knew I wanted to focus the writing on social norms and how in today's society we have so many expectations and so much pressure on ourselves and others. You Me and The Silence is basically saying that I don't need all of that. I would prefer more to be in silence together then for both of us to put up an act to impress on eachother.

Midline - Your latest single released at the beginning of this year, My Name Isn't is a bold sassy pop song. What made you want to write this song and why release it now?

LOVA - My Name Isn’t just felt like the perfect next single both sound wise but also a perfect introduction to what my next EP will be about. EP number two will be called A Gentleman's Guide and it will be from a young female perfective, speaking directly to all the generations of men in the world.

Midline - Is this track going to be on a new EP or are you working towards an album?

LOVA - My Name Isn’t will be a part of an EP that will come out later this year. But I’m also working on an album right now.

Midline - Your EP was a part of many great releases last year. Who released your favorite song and album in 2018?

LOVA - This is literally one the hardest questions. But one of my fave songs was My My My! by Troye Sivan and favourite album is probably iridescence by BROCKHAMPTON or Sweetener by Ariana Grande.

Midline - The females from Sweden are killing it right now - do you have a personal favorite?

LOVA - It will probably always be Robyn but I can't wait for Tove Lo to release new music as well.

Midline - What was the first album you were first properly obsessed with?

LOVA - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill!!!

Midline - Are they any plans to take your songs on the road this year?

LOVA - There are a lot of the plans in the making. Nothing that is ready to be said at the moment but hopefully I’ll be able to travel around the world playing my music live and meeting my fans.

Midline - Are there any collaborations in the works right now?

LOVA - Yes, a few actually. One that will be released REALLY soon.

Midline - What is your dream collaboration?

LOVA - Hmm I have so many. Pharrell, always. But recently i've been obsessed with Lauv so I would love to do a song with him right now.

Midline - What goals have you set yourself for 2019?

LOVA - There is a lot of goals. Both short term and long term goals. I would love to go on a international support tour and to also have my first headline show. I want to have 10 million streams on Spotify on at least one of my songs before the end of the year. Then of course I would also love to travel more this year so I get to meet my fans all over the world.

Special thanks to LOva for taking the time to talk with Midline!

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