Midline - Hi Mutya! Thank you for taking the time to speak to me today. How are you?

Mutya - I'm good today! Just don't mind my voice *laughs* it's a bit fucked!

Midline - Congratulations on winning Celebrity Coach Trip! Was there ever a moment where you thought you were going to win during the series or did that come as a shock?

Mutya - Thank you! No, not at all. I actually packed my bag every night prepared to not be staying there. Like, I was ready to go home. We got nominated on the first on the first day and to carry on in the show two weeks later with a yellow card and not be voted out was a shock. I actually thought I'd be gone within the first couple of days.

Midline - So you were underdogs basically?

Mutya - We were!

Midline - Do you think you and Lisa worked really well as a team because you are both such close friends?

Mutya - We are! We've known each other for years and on top of that, I never had actually met anyone when stepping onto that couch so that led me to get to know Lisa even more and become closer to her while getting to know everyone else.

Midline - Would you have done the show with any other close friend or was it Lisa or nothing?

Mutya - I would have done the show but it helped that I knew Lisa but I wouldn't have done the show unless I knew the person. So, Lisa helped because I've known her for years. If I was to do the show again and it was with someone else, I think it would have to be with someone like Lisa because I've known her for a long time and we get along really well.

Midline - You've mentioned you want to do Celebrity MasterChef next, hows that plan going?

Mutya - I really really do! I don't know at the moment to be honest but I do really really want to do Celebrity Masterchef! Just because I love cooking! 

Midline - And I can't believe it's been 10 years since you were on Celebrity Big Brother!

Mutya - Oh my god! Someone actually put that on my Twitter and I was like "10 YEARS?!". I mean it has been such a long time but things have changed a lot since then.

Midline - Time goes by so fast and you've done so busy since then that you probably haven't even thought about it!

Mutya - I haven't! I feel like when I was on Celebs Go Dating and Celebrity Coach Trip has gone really quick as well. It feels like such a long time ago but it wasn't really.

Midline - Did you film Celebrity Coach Trip last summer?

Mutya - I did! I filmed it last summer which is why it feels so long ago because I kept thinking "when is it coming out?" and I had to keep it to myself that we won! It was so hard because I really wanted to tell people around me but I couldn't because I didn't want it to get out.

Midline - Now, of course, I'm going to want to discuss with you about the Sugababes since that's how we all first came to know about you! You had some killer Sugababes singles but also album tracks too, which one stands out as your favorite that wasn't released as a single?

Mutya - Oooh, album tracks! More Than A Million Miles, love that song! Also, Blue!

Midline - One of my all time favorites is Promises!

Mutya - Promises! I looove Promises! See, the thing is, with the One Touch album I literally listened to it the other day and One Foot In stood out as well. I listen to the album and think "oh my god, we were babies and you can hear it in our voices!"

Midline - It's mad how young you are since the songs are so mature! 

Mutya - Of course! I was actually discussing with my friend this morning saying I need to go out and find a boombox or cassette player because I got so many original demos that have never been heard by anyone. I wanna hear it again but we sounded like chipmunks *laughs*.

Midline - I think a lot of people will wanna hear those tapes!

Mutya - It would be great. We've got so many songs and I found a whole bag full of cassettes. It made me wanna go buy a cassette player! 

Midline - Well, cassettes are back now! New albums get released on tapes again!

Mutya - Oh my god, that's made my day! I feel like we're bringing back the 80s! 

Midline - Another album track that's one of my favorites is Nasty Ghetto. I think you shined on that one!

Mutya - Oh my god I literally forgot about that song! We did that one with Linda Perry in LA. Really really fun times! I remember sitting down in the studio and she seemed a bit crazy. She was all over the place with her creative mind. She's iconic. I remember us just sitting there on big cushions talking nonsense wondering what we were going to sing about and Linda was just like "Nasty Ghetto" and we were like "Oh, that sounds like us!". 

Midline - Sugababes music is a big part of music history, especially in the UK - how often do you hear your own music out and about unexpectedly?  

Mutya - I hear our stuff quite often, to be honest! I used to get really embarrassed but now I just dance with it! I think it's because I'm getting older!

Midline - The songs still so great though, they haven't aged badly at all!

Mutya - No, you're right and I think that's what the beauty of it is. We've managed to keep it relevant by not releasing new music. It is so nice to still be recognized and for people to still listen to our music.

Midline - Where do you keep all your plaques and awards? In storage or are they all on display? Do you still own them all?

Mutya - I do own all of them. Some of them have been sent to the Philippines because when my mum and dad moved over there they wanted a few things to feel quite homely. I have some here in the UK and some over there. They are so pretty to look at. Sometimes I think "oh my god, I can't believe I won that" or I kinda forget it even happened because I was so young that I didn't appreciate it all. 

Midline: Which achievement stands out the most?

Mutya: I think the BRIT Award always stood out because it was such a big thing for us. British artists love our British music. It was a big deal for us because to be even nominated was incredible.

Midline: Yeah, for a British girlband to win an award that big that earlier in their career was quite rare at the time. 

Mutya: Yeah, when I look back there were a lot of boy bands and girl bands out at the time. I remember at one point there was us, Girls Aloud, Mis-Teeq all releasing at the same time. It was nice to be recognized with other such big bands. It wasn't about having a big competition but more about recognizing our talents. 

Midline: After your time with the Sugababes you released your solo album 'Real Girl' which contained 3 huge collabs. Amy Winehouse, Groove Armada, and George Michael. Did you take that in at the time or did it feel surreal?

Mutya: No I didn't. To be honest, with the George Michael duet, I always looked up to him and my mum was the biggest fan so he was incredible. I think at one point I even blanked it out that I even worked with him but it's not until people tell me they love the song we did together that I remember it. It's not until I listen to it that I think "fucking hell, I actually worked with these people". 

With Amy, she's such a beautiful soul. We were friends anyway before. To know that I've got a song with her that will always live on is special because I'm a fan and a friend of hers means a lot to me. I think I recognize that more now that I'm older. And also working with Groove Armada was amazing.

Midline: The Groove Armada song is a banger! That song whenever it gets played goes OFF!

Mutya: Thank you! That means a lot! I enjoy playing it live, to be honest.

Midline: You and Siobhan previously teased in other interviews that MKS isn't over and you are very much together working on new music. Is this music similar to your last single 'Flatline' or is there a new sound?

Mutya: We are! We are still together. We're so used to making such diverse music that we can't really put ourselves in a particular genre. We feel like we're working on a new One Touch. An updated version, still a bit quirky, got a bit of indie. Nothings ever the same. Everything is always different. I think that's because we're so used to doing it that way and we've got three different types of voices that I think that everything will sound like it did back then but a newer version.

Midline: The music you created under MKS that wasn't yet to be released leaked. Were you guys pretty bummed about it or are you OK starting from fresh again?

Mutya: We had so many amazing songs. It is a bitch that it got leaked and god knows where it all came from but I guess it gives us an opportunity to get back in the studio again to re-do what we love. It's not impossible, we're three very talented women. Getting back into the studio is going to be a piece of piss to be honest because we work so well together. We've got so many ideas that there isn't going to be anything that's going to make this album harder. It's just a shame that someone leaked some of our really amazing tracks. But, it can always be fixed.

Midline: I remember when seeing you guys perform the new songs live and Boys always stood out!

Mutya: BOYS! Boys is amazing! We wrote with MNEK for Boys. We wanted that song or Flatline as the first single. There were so many songs we recorded that could have been released as good singles. We went with Flatline because we took the time to go to LA and we did the music video ourselves, it just seemed more personal. We had the creative freedom doing it and also had Dev Heynes to work with. 

Midline: How long have you been working on this project? Or did you three never really stop working at it?

Mutya: At the moment, it's quite spread out. Siobhan is currently looking after her baby and like when I left the Sugababes, it was because I was looking after mine because your children are your priority so we're giving Siobhan time to enjoy being a mum. Keisha is always jet setting off to hot countries. She's lucky! And I've been doing quite a bit of TV. Once we get back in the studio again, it'll be continuously, like every day but for now, it's spread out. Once we get together, you can't stop us from working. I'm excited!

Midline: Is the new music going to be under MKS or Sugababes?

Mutya: It's kind of hard to talk about it at the moment with so much legal shit to deal with. The best thing to know is that we're back together and we are going to be giving people what they want. We're very excited! 

Midline: How often are you in the studio together or do you record separately?

Mutya: God no! We do it all together. We need the vibe and the vibe is when you've got other people with you! We're happy to sit there together and get on with it as a group.

Midline: Are there any collaborations in the works?

Mutya: We never say never. At the moment it's just us. You just never know if there will be.

Midline: Are you currently signed to a label or are you independent atm?

Mutya: We're independent at the moment. I've noticed a lot of people are going independent because it's so much easier. You've got more control because when you're with a label there are a lot of things you can't do and a lot of things you have to ask permission for. When you're independent you pretty much do as you please. It's even better because you put your full 100 in it. No one else did your work for you. Independent is the way forward and you will never have problems owning your own music afterwards. When you're music is over you're still making money from your own music instead of someone else taking it away from something you worked so hard for. 

Midline: Sugababes have a big back catalog - do you see yourself re-launching with live shows like you did last time before we hear the new music?

Mutya: We would love to! That's just something we absolutely die for. We love singing and going on stage. That will definitely be in the pipeline at some point. We just need to discuss it a little bit more.

Midline: You've teased us that this year we might get to hear the new music. Is this still true and around what time of this year?

Mutya: We're trying! Because we're independent it's important to have everything in place. 

Midline - Timing is everything!

Mutya - Yeah! Timing is everything. It's hard to say there will be 100% new music this year when you're upsetting people who want it so much. We are together and we are making new music. If we could make something of that and release it tomorrow we would. It's just making sure that we're all comfortable with it all. We have an amazing following and great music but times have changed. It's also about promoting yourself with what's current right now and making sure we're still relevant to a lot of people. There are going to be a lot of people who don't know who we are. It's like re-introducing yourself again and making people go "Oh, Sugababes! This is what they were before and this is what they are now!". It's like starting all over again. Our crowds are a lot older now so there's a lot of work to put into it but we will be out again soon. It's about getting the right support. 

Midline - You teamed up with this L€GACY last year on a track, are you planning on releasing any other solo releases or features or are you just focusing on music with the group atm?

Mutya - I've got a few features coming out with L€GACY because he's an amazing producer and a good friend of mine. I do a lot of writing with him. I'm going to be doing a video with him in a couple of weeks. Everything I do is for the girls. It's all based on keeping us relevant. I don't always do things for myself. It's about keeping the name alive and making sure someone has their one foot in it so people recognize some of our faces. I think it's important because we live in a day and age where everything is reality TV right now so you have to stay current and let kids know who you are. Once they jump to one face, they'll jump to another.

Midline - Have you set yourself any goals for yourself in 2019?

Mutya - I'm just going to take everything as it comes. I just want a peaceful year. I'm trying to do things differently like stay positive and not put doubts on everything all the time. I'm just trying to take everything as it comes really.