Call Me Loop Interview

Call Me Loop Interview

Sass has a name, it demands you to Call Me Loop

Midline - For those who have just discovered you or don't know much about you yet - tell us about your startup in the music industry

Call Me Loop - Well I've wanted to be a singer since I was like 3, so have been writing songs and performing since I was tiny, but I only properly started pursuing it as a career after university. I didn't know anyone in the biz so I just started cold-emailing producers to try and get sessions in, I put a band together, I released a couple of songs under my real name and then after like a year or so of that I decided it wasn't the direction I wanted to be going in so drew a line under it and started again as Loop, using all the knowledge/experience/contacts I'd gathered over the last 18 months. Now I'm nearly 3 years on from my first Loop release and I'm having a great time! 

Midline - Describe your music in 3 words

Call Me Loop - Sassy emotive pop

Midline - Where did the name Call Me Loop come from?

Call Me Loop - My real name's Georgia but my mum used to call me Georgie-Lou which became Loopy-Lou (somehow) which became Loop! So when I was coming up with an alias it felt like the obvious option, but then I realised that there are actually a few Loops out there so I changed it to my social handles which had been Call Me Loop from the start. Much more unique. 

 Midline - Who are your main music inspirations?

Call Me Loop - Long-standing inspirations? Rihanna, Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson.

Midline - What album did you first come properly obsessed with?

Call Me Loop - Christina Aguilera - Stripped! Actually I really loved Alicia Keys' Songs In A Minor before that as well. But Stripped was my liiife. I could still sing every single word of every song on that album. I honestly think it helped the way I learnt to write songs, and singing along for hours on end definitely shaped my style of singing.

Midline - Your second EP Drama is due out soon, what made you want to release another EP this time?

Call Me Loop - Yes, so excited! I just love being able to put out bodies of work. The songs weren't written with an EP in mind, so it's not like a concept EP, but I write so many songs every month so there's so many that I love that don't get to see the light of day... with an EP it means I get to give people 5 songs at once instead of just 1 and allow them the chance to see and hear more of me.

 Midline - The EP contains five tracks, two of them you have released already (Business and Silly Boy). How does this EP differ from the last?

Call Me Loop - I mean my writing has moved on a lot from my first EP so the songs are obviously very different from my 2017 EP, not that I didn't love that one too. The Drama EP is just a really fantastic representation of me as an artist right now. It shows off a real variation of sides to me I think, whilst still feeling like a cohesive body of work. Business gives you a more vulnerable side of me, Silly Boy more fun, Body Like Yours is more down a Give 'n' Take kinda vibe, Drama has more of a stripped back conversational feel, and Association is sass personified. I can't wait for it to be out! 

Midline - Can we expect any music videos for any of the tracks?

Call Me Loop - Yes! I've already released one for Business, which was very low key and quite raw - just me and a male dancer, Claudimar, representing the lyrics through partnered choreography. I love that video so much. It's really different to my others, but it was the visual I had in my head from the moment we knew Business would be coming out as a single and I just found it really cathartic to do and really cathartic to watch! In terms of others, we actually just shot the video for Silly Boy last week (Valentines Day in fact, just perfect ha), and I'm SO excited to share that one with everyone. It really encapsulates the 'silly' tongue-in-cheek elements of the record. With regards to the other three... discussions are taking place soon!  

Midline - Will a physical CD or vinyl be released to celebrate the release later on?

Call Me Loop - I'm not sure on this yet! I'd loooove to. I've had a few fans ask for vinyls, but I'm not sure we'll be doing them just yet. Hopefully at some point though yes, definitely. 

Midline - Last year you also released Give N' Take, Love The Lie and Cut & Run which were all bops! They did really well on streaming platforms but those songs aren't included on the EP. Any particular reason why?

Call Me Loop - Thank you! I think just because it's been a while since they were released and I have so many songs that I'm sitting on that I love, so for me I'd just like to keep releasing new music for both my own enjoyment and hopefully also the enjoyment of my fans and followers! 

Midline - Out of those releases, do you have a favourite?

Call Me Loop - That's a tough one... I think it changes every day! Give 'n' Take holds a very special place in my heart though, cos it really kicked off my 2018 in the most amazing way, and of all my songs, it's the one that seems to just keep on giving (no pun intended...). It's still streaming so much every day, which is just incredible. 

Midline - Give N' Take is about to hit 14 million streams on Spotify any day! That's crazy! How often do you check these stats and how important are they to you?

Call Me Loop - Yes it's passed 14 mil now actually! I don't check them that frequently, unless I've just released a new single of course, then I'll check in every day of that first release week just to see how it's progressing. My dad though; he loooves his stats. He's tallying them up most days so I can always rely on him to whatsapp me whenever we pass a milestone figure! Streaming numbers are really important to me - they mean a lot these days you know, and to have that level of support from Spotify, Apple, Deezer etc, is really amazing. Obviously it's not the only thing to focus on; this music biz is a 360 thing, you gotta be nailing all angles! But I'm so grateful to have the support that I do. 


Midline - Is this an album in the works or are you just enjoying dropping songs and EP's for the time being?

Call Me Loop - No album in the works currently, I think it'll be just stand-alone singles for the remainder of this year probably, but the plan is 100% for a 2020 album! 

Midline - MTV and Radio 1 have given you support. MTV gave you a comparison to Rihanna and Amy Winehouse. Females are constantly being compared in the entertainment industry which can be some-what tiring but that must have been a huge compliment? 

Call Me Loop - Such a huge compliment! I mean I think cos I'd sited Riri and Amy as influences they were picking up on that and the reflections of it in my music, which was amazing to read; any sort of inflection of either of those women in my music and I'm happy! But yeah of course, I think if you're constantly being compared to one or two artists in particular it can be jarring as everyone wants to be seen as their own artist. Identity and originality is pretty key in this world i think if you want to leave your mark. 

Midline - You recently featured on Davai's Cry Like Kim K. Can we expect any more collabs any time soon?

Call Me Loop - Yes I'm actually on the new Dusk record, New Habit, that came out last week! The Dusk guys are so talented and I love this tune so much. Really excited to have it out in the world. 

Midline - You've got a few support slots coming up. Nina Nesbitt, Sarah Close and Lauren Aquilina. Are support gigs nerve-wracking or exciting? 

Call Me Loop - Both! Same as all gigs, really. I get super nervous/excited before going on, and then the minute you're on stage, the nerves just fall away and it's amazing. (Most of the time.. hah). Can't wait for all of these shows - girls supporting girls, always! 

Midline - You've done a few headline shows of your own - but are there plans to do your own full UK tour this year?

Call Me Loop - There may be... haha yeah I may actually be announcing a little UK tour quite soon... watch this space! 

Midline - 2018 was a great year for you. Who did you personally enjoy listening to last year? What was your favourite album and song?

Call Me Loop - Last year I loved a bit of Rex Orange County. Julia Michaels. Tove Styrke. Col3trane. Halsey. Tyler, The Creator. I don't know about favourite album... I loved Julia Michaels' Nervous System though, I've listened to it so many times. And favourite song... gahh.. so hard.. um... maybe Tyler, The Creator See You Again. Or Tove Styrke Say My Name. Orrr Dua's New Rules. 

 Midline - What goals have you set yourself in 2019?

Call Me Loop - I'm always setting myself goals, big and little. Some personal! But a few are: a UK tour. Some amazing festival slots. My first Radio 1 playlist spot. My first magazine cover. A Grammy nomination... just kidding, but also you know... who knows. And on a personal level, I really want to re-learn Spanish! 

Special thanks to call me loop for taking the time to talk with Midline!

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